Karibow Acoustic is a Karibow side project that allows the internationally awarded musicians to break new ground. Twenty-two years of Karibow's history and a large number of music productions provide a wide range of songs that are being stripped down and reinterpreted in close to the audience live events. Being the backbone of the acoustic band, song writer and Karibow producer Oliver Rüsing and guitarist Martin Schroer are also supported by additional live musicians where required. This way a diverse and colourful live program could be created for acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion instruments and harmony vocals only, forming a counterpart to Karibow's well-known wall of sound.

Everyone who believes watching Karibow perform on larger stages like the Loreley Amphitheatre does not feel close enough to the band can now see the artists perform in a more intimate atmosphere for a new, equally intense listening experience.

Contact & Booking:
Karibow Acoustic c/o Oliver Rüsing
Schulstraße 28
D-58300 Wetter
Email: bookings at karibow.com